TNT Match - 9MM Sizing Die In Stock
TNT Match - 9MM Sizing Die In Stock

TNT Match - 9MM Sizing Die In Stock

Mighty Armory

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Precision TNT Match Series Dry Sizing die. 

No Lube, Not Carbide

Innovation for today’s volume reloaded or fussy shooter that loads for accuracy.

100% CNC Machined in the USA, Our specs and Steels are far superior to all others. You’ll see when you open the white box and experience it at the press and on the range.

The 9mm TNT Match die holds a heat sink to keep it cool, the result is a long lasting sizing die that Loads to Powder Data. Shoot cleaner and definitely more accurate.

The TNT Match is the perfect Die, we anticipate over 1,000,000.00 lubed sizing's before any wear shows at a minimum.

Keep on sizing

 Made in the USA!

  • "Worlds Toughest" Reloading Dies
  • 100% CNC machined
  • Steel Treatments 
  • 5 Bore Finish
  • Optional Cap, Shaft and pin available 
  • Concentric sizing 
  • Modular Design, No tools Needed
  • Better than carbide. No insert to loosen or crack. 
  • Sizes to spec, huge advantages.
  • Finest Sizing Die in the industry.

 Mighty Armory

"Worlds Toughest" Reloading Dies




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