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Mighty Armory TNT 40 S&W Sizing Die

Mighty Armory

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This Mighty Armory Lube Less TNT Die will size to spec .401 bullet diameter for the 10mm and 40 Smith & Wesson.

The TNT "Tighter Neck Tension" design will allow you to adjust the die for bullet diameter and length. After a 4 minute setup you're good to go. Perfectly sized rounds in spec saami with the correct bullet tension. You can load to powder data spec and expect proper case pressures, cleaner burning powder, better accuracy and your brass will last longer for more reloads. Chronographs will prove SDs will be single digits. Now you can load your rounds to spec with every lever pull. Set your flare/bell to .+- Taper Crimp to . Results will be better than factory sized loads!

Check out the link to our available for all TNT GOLD MATCH Sizing Dies.

Innovation for today’s volume reloader and shooters that load for accuracy.

100% CNC Machined in the USA, Our specs and Steels are far superior to all others. You’ll see when you open the white box and experience it at the press and on the range.

The TNT holds a heat sink to keep it cool, the result is long lasting -.002 under neck sizing Die. Load to Powder Data. Shoot cleaner and definitely more accurate.

The TNT is the perfect Die, we anticipate 1,000,000.00 sizing's before any wear shows. Keep on sizing!

The TNT sizing die will load to Powder Data. Shoot cleaner and definitely more accurate.

  • 100% CNC machined
  • Concentric sizing 
  • Modular design, no tools needed
  • No insert to loosen or crack. 
  • Sizes to spec. Huge advantages.

“Get Tough Stay Mighty”

  • "World's Toughest" Reloading Dies
  • Precision Reloading Tools
  • Made in the USA

Mighty Armory

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