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Mighty Armory GOLD MATCH 6mm ARC Full Lenth Sizing Decapping Die
Mighty Armory GOLD MATCH 6mm ARC Full Lenth Sizing Decapping Die

Mighty Armory GOLD MATCH 6mm ARC Full Lenth Sizing Decapping Die

Mighty Armory

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Mighty Armory Precision Match Series 6mm ARC Full Length Sizing Decapping Die.

The Mighty Armory GOLD MATCH is a Precision Match Series sizing, decapping die that offers FULL LENGTH, concentric sizing to SAAMI spec standards with correct bullet tension, to ensure safety, reliability, accuracy and ease of use.  The extended, full length size area helps to prevent under-sizing or over-sizing at the neck, shoulder and base. This will result in proper case pressure, cleaner burning powder, reliable chambering and extraction, absolute accuracy, and your brass will last longer for more reloads.  

Mighty Armory state-of-the-art sizing die designs are precision machined to tight tolerances, ensuring consistent and uniform sizing and concentricity of the case.

Full length sizing is recommended for all rifle cases. Neck sizing can lead to overexpanded cases and reduce reloading times as it weakens the brass. A hard, smooth sizing surface that is consistent in sizing, especially head-spacing is of the utmost importance. 


*All Mighty Armory rifle sizing decapping dies now include the primer flicker cap and spring to prevent primer pullback.


  • MA 6mm ARC Sizes for Full Length / Shoulder Bump up to -.005 bump. (The Mighty Armory FLHS die head space bump is now standard on our FL die).
  • 100% CNC machined, Made in the USA.
  • High grade tool steel, heat treated.
  • Smooth 5 Bore Finish.
  • Concentricity -.0005 at the case mouth and shoulder radius.
  • Modular design, no tools needed.
  • Better than Carbide. No inserts.

For Single Stage or Turret Presses: We recommend a case sizing wax applied by your fingers.

For Progressive Presses: We recommend PEG75 lanolin spray.


“Get Tough Stay Mighty”

  • "World's Toughest" Reloading Dies
  • Precision Reloading Tools
  • Made in the USA

Mighty Armory

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