Depcapping Die & Swage Set Instructions

Decapping Die:

Turn the pin into the punch shaft hand tight. Insert the Punch Pin into the die body. Turn the cap down tight against the punch top. (Do Not use tools)  Raise the ram with a case holder on it or shell plate up all the way. Turn the die down until it makes contact with the ram or plate then turn the die back out 1/4-1/2 turn and use the lock ring to lock the die down in place.

Pin Treads: Add a little sticky grease or purple locktite on the pin threads then turn the pin into the shaft hand tight. The pin body will mate perfectly with the shaft.

Swage Set: Drop a swage rod in the die body. Turn the cap down hand tight against the swage rod top. Install the large or small swage nipple on the ram. Place the extractor cup over the swage nipple. Do not change the die placement. Place a case over the backer rod, raise the ram until the nipple contacts the case pocket. Lower the lever and push the swage nipple into the primer pocket. 

Bent pin: If you over pressure a pin on a berdan or bad case and roll bend it, use a snip cutter to cut the pin off. Remove the decapping shaft and replace the pin.

Sizing Dies: Turn the die down until it mates with the Press plate or shell holder. Lower the ram and turn the die down 1/4 turn. Adjust as needed. We recommend a Lanolin and 99% alcohol mix Lube. Other quality lubes will work fine. Be sure to get plenty of lube on rifle case shoulders during the early sizing's. The die is very hard and finished in a gold coat. You're smoothing the 10 finish bore. After 15-20 cases you will notice the case sizing's will smooth out. The more you use the die the slicker it will become. Almost to a point where you don't feel it sizing at all. If you decap prior to sizing use the pointer, put the pin aside.