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best decappind die, reloading die, decapping pin, reloading die

Mighty Armory Dies are Precision Machined from Superior Materials and Designed to last a lifetime.

best decappind die, reloading die, decapping pin, reloading die

The Shaft and "PIN"

Decap, Swage and Size on Lever and Auto Presses

best decappind die, reloading die, decapping pin, reloading die, primer pocket swage

"Decapping and Swage Kit"

Designed for almost every single stage and turret presses.  Set the Die in the tool head with the Backer rod dropped in. Put the cap on, install the Lg or Sm swager on the ram and cap with the case extractor cup and you're ready to swage. Crimps are history!

Decapping punch included, just swap the rod for the pin and start decapping.


The Goal at Mighty Armory is absolute quality and unprecedented customer service.

Case preparation is the foundation of a great round. Buy the best. Mighty Armory Precision Quality Guarantees your satisfaction. You will immediately feel, see and shoot the results from  Mighty Armory Reloading Dies. Precision Made on CNC Machines to Assure Tight Tolerances and perfect vertical alignment. Expect Excellence.

Precision Sizing Dies

Competition Sizing! Near .0000 Concentricity, CNC Machined into this Outstanding Modular Die Designs machine from A2 Steel. Heat treated and tempered. MA dies are better than Carbide. .002 Neck Tension. Use with the pin or the pointer which is a guide point for rifle brass. First ever developed.

9mm, 40sw, 45acp 223/556, 65cm, 300B/O, 308 win. More coming in 2019.. Sets will also be available soon.