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Mighty Armory offers a wide range of precision CNC machined taper crimp dies to best fit your pistol cartridge needs. The Mighty Armory TNT Crimp Reloading die is a cutting-edge design that allows a tighter neck tension and tapers the cartridge case mouth back to SAAMI spec angle. Once the bullet is seated, the crimp will match spec sizing to provide consistent and uniform tension around the circumference of the bullet, helping to prevent bullet setback, ensure reliable feeding, and maintain proper alignment and stability during firing. The TNT die is made from high-speed, heat treated tool steel. Beats Carbide by 2. 82 Rockwell Micro-Polished.

Pro Tip: We recommend using PEG75 Lanolin mixed at 7 ounces of 99% alcohol and 1 ounce of PEG75

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