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Mighty Armory pins are the "Toughest in the World" proven over and over again. Swiss Screw Machined Tool Steel, Designed and Treated to last a lifetime on all lever presses. But just in case...

.078 Standard Profile Pin, 1 year one time warranty replacement

.058 Lapua Profile Pin, 1 year one time warranty replacement.

Warranty Option, Buy 2 pins, we'll send you 4.

Contact Mighty Armory by clicking contact at the top of page 1 of the website. Please include your name and email address and include a picture of the complete bent or broken pin. Get to know the feel of your press with the die. It takes about half the pressure to decap than all others. If you do you will never break or bend a pin. It takes a serious amount of pressure to damage a Mighty Armory pin which is 5 times stronger than the rest. It takes 667 pounds of dead weight to bend a pin. If you manage to bend a Mighty Armory pin  something went very wrong.

All Automated presses and Auto Progressive Presses excluded for obvious reasons. 

International customers pay shipping.