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Mighty Armory 300 Blackout Trim Die

Mighty Armory 300 Blackout Trim Die

Mighty Armory

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Set your Mighty Armory Trim die to touch your shell plate. Size the case. Measure the amount you want to trim. Set your router depth accordingly using the supplied router nuts. Lock the Trim Die on the tool head bottom side. The die will not require resizing again. Cases are ready to load. Save time.

Fits Dillon and Mark 7 Bosch Routers.

Gold Match quality, slick and concentric. 

Locknut included.

Step down tool head may be required on some Dillon 650 presses.

“Get Tough Stay Mighty”

  • "Worlds Toughest" Reloading Dies
  • Precision Reloading Tool
  • Made in the USA

Mighty Armory

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