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Mighty Armory XMA Decapping Die

Mighty Armory XMA Decapping Die

Mighty Armory

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 7075 Black Hatd Anodized finish at 60 Rockwell, M2 pins at 65 Rockwell.

The spring design allows upward pin movement before a stop and decap, the rebound of the spring flicks the primer off the pin and shoots it thru the press funnel. 
The gravity guide will grab and center rifle brass at speed. Similar to our Super Duty, however the XMA guide is universal.
We offer a 7 day “MONEY BACK GUARANTEE” on the XMA die. 
A tool free die design that offers the power and reliability needed for all non driven auto progressive press operation as well as Single Stage and Turret Presses.

The XMA doubles as a Hold Down Die, just swap the tip.

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