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The Benefits of Reloading with Mighty Armory Full Length Gold Match Rifle Sizing Dies

The Benefits of Reloading with Mighty Armory Full Length Gold Match Rifle Sizing Dies

Key Highlights

  • Single point machine finished bore
  • High grade tool steel at 60 Rockwell hardness
  • Perfect concentricity. 100% precision machined and made in the USA
  • Three-point contact drop-in expander mandrel for bullet neck tension
  • The first modular design introduced to the reloading industry
  • Polished sizing bore finish for smoother case sizing and extraction
  • Primer decapping flicker spring
  • Mighty Armory M2 steel decapping pins and pointer
  • Includes locking ring around the die
  • Easily set your rifle case shoulder bump from .000 to -.005


The benefits of loading with Mighty Armory Rifle Sizing Dies.

Mighty Armory offers rifle sizing dies in the most popular caliber case sizes, including .223 Remington, 6mm ARC, 300 Blackout and more. We continue to add additional calibers to suit your reloading needs.

When it comes to reloading rifle case cartridges, we pride ourselves for our one-and-done concentric rifle case sizing and neck expanding. Mighty Armory rifle reloading die design eliminates the additional steps required with other sizing dies. For example, drop-in bushings and external mandrels for neck sizing are not required with Mighty Armory rifle sizing dies. Using external mandrels adds to the possibility of further bullet runout and neck runout.

Mighty Armory’s precision machining holds for zero runout for our full length rifle sizing dies. Depending on the caliber of the sizing die, typical bullet tension is between .002 to .004. A typical sized rifle case and seated bullet will show .0005 to .001 bullet runout.

The design and quality of the precision machining used to produce a Mighty Armory Rifle Sizing Die will guarantee consistent sizing and runout. The high-quality steel and heat treatment process makes Mighty Armory rifle sizing dies tough enough to last generations. Mighty Armory full length rifle case sizing dies will allow for shoulder set back to as much as .006. Shoulder bump is easily achieved by moving the die up or down to find your sweet spot from -.003 to -.006 setback.

Single point finish cut bore and neck-through

Single point finishing the bore of Mighty Armory rifle sizing dies ensures the same lengths, diameters and bore finish. We do not rely on reamers, which can cause inconsistencies after just one sharpening. Multiple sharpenings from a reamer can affect length and diameter sizing.

Mighty Armory rifle reloading dies maintain a smooth finish bore surface, with diameters and lengths at a surface finish below ten. Maintaining a finish below ten ensures case sizing is easier on your reloading press and brass will remain scratch free. With a Mighty Armory rifle sizing die, you will also experience less force needed to size and extract a case from the reloading die bore.

High grade tool steel at 60 Rockwell hardness

Mighty Armory rifle sizing dies are machined from high grade tool steel, and then heat treated to 60 Rockwell. This ensures the reloading die will not disfigure during the heat treating and tempering process. You can be confident about getting a die that remains in Mighty Armory machining specifications to offer consistency, smooth sizing, consistent headspace and reloading die longevity.

Size millions of rounds with concentricity and consistency. Mighty Armory reloading dies have proven to be everything you would expect and more.

100% precision machined and made in the USA

Mighty Armory rifle sizing dies are precision CNC machined in the USA. We provide the best quality and consistency of the rifle dies during all steps of the production process. Mighty Armory reloading dies are not mass produced. We single-point finish our bores and set inserts to hold .000 concentricity. Typical neck tensions are set to .002 to .004 depending on the rifle case caliber.

Three-point contact drop-in expander mandrel

Our drop-in expander mandrel has three points of contact. The first is the free bore, then the angle, then the flat of the top. These contact points secure the vertical concentricity of the mandrel when installed in the rifle die body creating the first modular design in the reloading industry that ensures lockup once the cap is installed. There is no flexing or chances for any part of the reloading die to move while under tension or pressure.

The expander mandrel is Swiss machined, heat-treated, and threaded to accept our pointer, and depriming pins, available in two sizes, either .058 pin or .078 pin.

Polished sizing bore finish for smoother sizing and extraction

Each die bore is polished by hand using a horizontal polishing machine we developed specifically for our dies. The Swiss machining process is time-consuming but worth the effort to ensure precision case body and neck sizing. The result is an extremely hard and smooth, shiny finish, which in turn makes sizing much easier with much less pressure required on your single stage, turret, or autoprogressive press.

Primer Flicker Decapping Spring

Short action rifle sizing dies, for example, .223 Remington, 300 Blackout, 6mm ARC, 6mm BR, etc., include a threaded and posted cap with a spring, which allows the mandrel shaft and M2 steel decapping pin to rise against the pressure of the primer thus creating a spring rebound when the primer is pushed out of the pocket. This flicks the primer off the pin and down the shoot of the press. This will not only prevent primer pullbacks but will also save you time from jammed primer shoots.

M2 Steel Depriming Pins and Pointer

Mighty Armory’s heat-treated and hardened M2 steel depriming pins and pointer are included with all of Mighty Armory rifle dies. The pointer was invented in 2018 by Mighty Armory to be used as a guide and mandrel thread protector. The pointer simply replaces the decapping pin and acts as an angular guide entering the case neck while protecting the decapping pin threads. Simply use low strength Vibra-Tite 111 on the both the pins and pointer threads to secure them on the shaft to eliminate the possibility of loosening and snapping off.

Mighty Armory offers two different size decapping pins for each caliber rifle case headstamp, depending on the brass you are loading. For example, the 300 Blackout includes two .078 decapping pins. Alternatively, a .058 pin is required when decapping Lapua and Peterson Brass commonly found in 308 Win and 6.5 Creedmoor calibers.

Setting Your Headspacing

Your Mighty Armory rifle die will allow you to adjust for shoulder bump back otherwise known as headspacing. Your required headspacing will be determined based on the chamber in the barrel. Determining this will improve your round performance. Case diameters will always remain the same whether headspace is zero or up to -.006. Mighty Armory rifle reloading die design makes determining your required headspacing simple. Turn the die up or down minutely and use a comparator tool to verify.

Recommended Types of Lube

For reloading on autoprogressive presses, such as a Dillon RL550, 650, 750, spray your rifle cases with 1 oz PEG75 Lanolin + 6 oz 91% alcohol

For reloading on a single stage or turret press use imperial wax on your rifle cases

Demonstrating Success

Don't just take our word for it - the success and satisfaction of our customers speak for themselves. Through testimonials, we can demonstrate the positive impact our rifle reloading dies have had on accuracy, consistency, and customer satisfaction. By using our dies, reloaders have achieved exceptional levels of accuracy in their reloaded ammunition, delivering tight groupings and improved performance on the range. The consistency achieved with our dies ensures that every round performs reliably and predictably, giving shooters the confidence they need in their ammunition. Ultimately, our customers' satisfaction and positive experiences with Mighty Armory reloading dies are a testament to the quality and effectiveness of our products.


In conclusion, mastering the art of rifle reloading is crucial for precision shooting. Mighty Armory rifle sizing dies offer a solution that ensures accuracy and consistency in your reloading process, ultimately enhancing your shooting performance. With a commitment to quality and precision, Mighty Armory reloading dies stand out among other brands in the market. Eliminates the need for all the additional steps precision reloaders have been doing for years.