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The Mighty Armory Super Duty Decapping Die is the only “Smart” die designed to stop your press by automatically sensing a Berdan or blocked case flash hole.

Use on high-speed lever and auto-drive presses for reloading 380 pistol up to 308 Win case sizes.

Precision CNC machined. We redesigned the die to an even tougher black oxide-coated steel. This innovative die is a heavy duty and spring-operated.

The Super Duty is a dynamic design, which allows the shaft to rise against the floor of a Berdan case, ensuring against pin breakage at high speeds, which will save you valuable time. Jog up, remove the case, and restart!

Pro Tip: Add the Mighty Armory Smart Sensor to auto sense a Berdan case or stone-filled flash hole, which will protect and shut down your auto drive!

Sensors available for Mark 7, Frankford Arsenal X-10 (alarm and light), and Forcht drives. 

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